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Beautiful Potted Bonsai:

PLEASE NOTE: On this page we show some of the unique Bonsai Palace potted Bonsai which we have recently presented and sold.

We can prepare similar styles however all of our Bonsai are individual, so please use this page as a guide only for your new Bonsai.

All but our MicroBonsai are supplied with a personalised Bonsai Birth Certificate, along with detailed care instructions and a free "Feed & Groom" tag for after care at the Market.

Collection is from our stall on Sunday mornings from the Palmyra Farmers Market or an estimated cost can be quoted for delivery around the Perth area.

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time.

All pricing is in Australian Dollars including GST.

Group 6 - Potted Bonsai - From $129.00

Height: 25-50cm varying
Pot: Ceramic, various shapes and sizes
Age: 10-30 years
Style: Informal Upright, some slanting, some twisted trunk, some twin trunk, some root over rock, some flowering, medium/high maintenance

Species: Various, e.g. Chestnut, Chinese Elm, Fig, Juniper, Oak, Willow

Ease of maintenance = 

Chinese Elm
(Ulmus parvifolia)
Bonin Isles Juniper
(Juniperus procumbens)
Little Ruby Fig
(Ficus ericifolia)

Moreton Bay Fig Hybrid
(Ficus macrophylla/rubiginosa
Moreton Bay Fig
(Ficus macrophylla)

Port Jackson Fig
(Ficus rubiginosa)

Group 7 - Potted Bonsai - From $169.00

Height: Varying
Pot: Ceramic, various shapes, rock settings, slate,wood.
Age: 25 years or more
Style: Informal Upright, some slanting, some root over rock, some flowering, medium maintenance

Species: Various, e.g. Ash, Azalea, Cypress, Elm, Jacaranda, Juniper, many Fig species and hybrids, Maple, Myrtle, Pine, Sheoak

Ease of maintenance =

Fruiting Fig
(Ficus carica hybrid)
Variegated Weeping Fig
(Ficus benjamina variegata)
White Ash
(Fraxinus americana)
Crepe Myrtle
(Lagerstroemia indica)
Scott's Pine
(Pinus sylvestris)

(Jacaranda mimosifolia)

Maintenance Key:
Needs a little more care 
Needs regular care
Needs special care

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