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Here are some favourite links to our dear friends in the amazing port City of Fremantle, Western Australia and other places.  Enjoy these sites and let them know you found them via Bonsai Palace.....

PWFM Vegies
The fabulous Palmyra Western Farmer's Market where you can find us every Sunday from 07:30 am till 11:30am with a selection of our own locally grown Bonsai, unique hand made woodcraft products, Bonsai notes and accessories.

The City of Fremantle - for all that's happening around our town right now.

Rottnest Island Authority
- catch a ferry to Rottnest from Victoria Quay. Don't forget the sunscreen and say hello to the little furry Quokkas on the island!

PerthWestern Australian Tourism Commission - the gateway site to holidaying in our fabulous state of W.A.




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