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Liana's Bonsai Hints and Tips #1 - Getting Started:

How do I get started?  How do I select a Bonsai - just for ME?

To have a small living tree in a portable ceramic pot is a treasure for anyone.  However, some thought must be put into the initial selection otherwise your Bonsai could soon become a hindrance.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Where do I want to keep my Bonsai?
Inside my home or on the patio, next to the kitchen window, by the pond, with the other potted plants in the garden, in a shady spot, in a sunny spot, in a dry spot or in a tropical, hot spot?

What sort of Bonsai interests me most?
There are many styles, all requiring specific care and some are very difficult whilst others are quite easy to grow and maintain.

Do I want to make my own Bonsai from scratch?

Is a Bonsai Baby Factory something I'd like to make? 


Planning a Bonsai hobby is just like planning anything else.
Bonsai are not difficult to create but can require special horticultural care so that the tree is given the best conditions in which to thrive in its new pot. 

This is frequently the snag.
Every individual tree is like a child.  Every tree has its own habit and preference.  Although individual species have similar requirements such as full sun or part shade, rich soil or poor soil, lots of water or moderate water, it still comes down to individual habit.  That is why a successful, healthy Bonsai is so precious.  Its keeper has learned its personal habit.

No Bonsai is ever a failure.
Every Bonsai is a wealth of experience and enormous pleasure.  Every new shoot, every new leaf.  Jot down your actions and care of your Bonsai Child.  Take note of its position in the garden, its drinking habit, its feeding habit, its reactions and take a photo too!

Good luck and above all, ENJOY your Bonsai....!


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