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Our Special Bonsai of the Month:

SOLD - another fine specimen coming shortly......

This is Liana's special Bonsai, one which she personally feels is worthy of note because it is a promising specimen, excellent value, and shows character.

BOM May 2017Code 6198
Name: Small Leaved Lilly Pilly "Magenta Cherry"

Scientific Name: Syzygium luehmannii
Date of Birth: 2013
Origin: New South Wales and Queensland
Cultivation: Prefers light to medium moist, well-composted soils in an an open, sunny position.  Drought resistant but frost tender
Height Ė 55cm   Width - 30cm
Pot Ė 30x20x3cm Japanese, glazed, ceramic, deep blue

Grow this Bonsai only outdoors, in either lightly filtered sun or full sun.  Your Bonsai will adapt.  Bonsai donít like moving - only rotate on the same spot.

This Magenta Cherry Bonsai is truly amazing in how healthy and strong it is.  Blown over and bitten by another Bonsai, it has survived and fought back like a champion.  Itís growing rapidly and will have a full canopy within twelve months.  You will need to snip the fast growth on the apex to encourage strong, lower branches.  Iíve allowed a large rock to cover with moss and Babyís Tears ground cover and added a Schleich brand Elk Horn for a wild and untamed scene.  This Bonsai truly is one of my favourites and I donít fuss over it, just allow it be healthy and happy.  Please adopt this Bonsai if you are sure that you can water regularly and snip when needed.  It will reward you with small flowers and red balls of edible fruit.

All Bonsai Palace Bonsai are presented with a Bonsai Birth Certificate and detailed care instructions.  Also, we offer a free Ďfeed and groomí for each Bonsai within three months of purchase.  Just visit Liana at the Palmyra Market on a Sunday for free Bonsai advice.


All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Shipping costs are quoted at the time of order placement and will depend on your location and preferred shipping method. 

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time.

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