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Our Special Bonsai of the Month:

This is Liana's special Bonsai, one which she personally feels is worthy of note because it is a promising specimen, excellent value, and shows character.

BOM_August_2018Number: 6521
Name: Umbrella Tree
Scientific Name: Schefflera actinophylla
Date of Birth: 1995
Origin: Australia, New Guinea and Java
Cultivation: Adaptable to most soils and conditions Frost and drought tolerant, Evergreen
Height: 45cm.
Age: 23 years
Pot: 32 x 24 x 10cm Glazed, White, Ceramic, Chinese

This month's Bonsai has been chosen by Liana specifically for it’s trunk shape and compact habit.
Umbrella plants can become large trees or be kept as small shrubs or compact Bonsai. They are very adaptable to living in a small pot and require regular watering and feeding throughout their lives.

If living in a well lit, outdoor area they will grow rapidly and need regular trims. If they are grown in a sheltered, poor lighting situation they will grow slowly but create large leaves. This Bonsai is living outdoors under 70% shadecloth and sheltered from strong winds. I feed it Osmocote three times a year and nip out large leaves. Very easy.

All Bonsai Palace Bonsai are presented with a Bonsai Birth Certificate and detailed care instructions.  Also, we offer a free ‘feed and groom’ for each Bonsai within three months of purchase.  Just visit Liana at the Palmyra Market on a Sunday for free Bonsai advice.


All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Shipping costs are quoted at the time of order placement and will depend on your location and preferred shipping method. 

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time...

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