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Our Special Bonsai of the Month:

SOLD - another fine specimen coming shortly...

This is Liana's special Bonsai, one which she personally feels is worthy of note because it is a promising specimen, excellent value, and shows character.

BOM_Nov_2020Number: 7047
Name: Weeping Fig - Bushy Prince
Scientific Name: Ficus benjamina cultivar
Date of Birth: 2006
Origin: Hybrid
Cultivation: Prefers rich, moist soil in a protected, sunny position. Drought and frost tender. Pinch back tips in summer and autumn, rest in winter and spring.
Height: 39cm
Age: 14 years
Pot: 16 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm ceramic, oval, glazed,
white, Chinese.

I started this Bonsai from a young tree purchased in a nursery where I looked
for unique branching and a weeping attitude. I allowed the young seedling to grow for several years before potting into a Bonsai pot. It has been regularly repotted, trimmed, fed and given various levels of sunshine depending on
growth requirements. Iíve aimed for a bushy look, slanting trunk and exposed roots.

This Bonsai grows very rapidly in summer and autumn, then slows down in winter. Spring growth is very slow and requires protection from pests such as sucking insects (thrip and scale). Itís not especially thirsty or hungry,the leaves are green, glossy and small. It makes an ideal Bonsai for anyone needing a low care pet that is harmonious to peace and tranquillity.

If you are not sure of your responsibility for our Bonsai Of the Month, please note:
1. Must live outside with partial shade.
2. Must be watered every day but only once a day.
3. Must be trimmed when growing out of shape.

All Bonsai Palace Bonsai are presented with a Bonsai Birth Certificate and detailed care instructions. Also, we offer a free Ďfeed and groomí tag for each Bonsai for ongoing support within three months of purchase. Just visit Liana at the Palmyra Market on a Sunday for free Bonsai advice.


All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Shipping costs are quoted at the time of order placement and will depend on your location and preferred shipping method. 

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time...

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