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Our Special Bonsai of the Month:

SOLD - another fine specimen coming shortly....

This is Liana's special Bonsai, one which she personally feels is worthy of note because it is a promising specimen, excellent value, and shows character.

BOM Dec 2017Code 6291
Name: Blue Jacaranda

Scientific Name: Jacaranda mimosaefolia
Date of Birth: 1999
Origin: Brazil
Cultivation: Adaptable to most soil conditions and positions - living in part shade and watered daily in Perth's hot weather. Drought and frost tender. Deciduous.     

Height - 50cm
Width - 40cm
Age - 18 years
Pot - 38 x 27 x 8cm glazed, ceramic, Chinese, green

For December 2017, Liana is presenting a Jacaranda Bonsai in an informal, upright style.

In Perth, West Australia, Jacaranda bloom during the summer heat, often starting in December and ending in January. In various suburbs, the streets are lined with trees covered in a purple/blue haze as their whole canopies are filled with racemes of flowers. These spectacular images always remind us of the summer heat, Christmas and happy days.
A Jacaranda Bonsai will be a miniature version of the massive trees you drive below, however they do require care to stay small, healthy and eventually to flower and give you a display to enjoy.

Daily watering and partial shade is necessary for this Bonsai to thrive.  It is not an indoor Bonsai and will die without real sun and outdoor moisture.  Partial shade will stop the fine foliage from burning but too much shade will make it soft and weak.  50-70% shade cloth in a sunny, bright spot is perfect.

Jacaranda trees are deciduous. They live through a cycle of fast growth in spring to summer, flower and seed production in summer to autumn, rest in winter and new growth in spring. A Bonsai without a trim will grow lanky and out of shape so a regular snip of tall shoots will aid in branch formation and compact style.

Simple food such as Thrive liquid food or Osmocote are ideal and will keep this baby in perfect health all year round. 

All Bonsai Palace Bonsai are presented with a Bonsai Birth Certificate and detailed care instructions.  Also, we offer a free ‘feed and groom’ for each Bonsai within three months of purchase. Just visit Liana at the Palmyra Market on a Sunday for free Bonsai advice.


All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Shipping costs are quoted at the time of order placement and will depend on your location and preferred shipping method. 

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time.

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