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Our Special Bonsai of the Month:

Sold - another fine specimen coming shortly...

This is Liana's special Bonsai, one which she personally feels is worthy of note because it is a promising specimen, excellent value, and shows character.

BOM_April_2023Name: Norfolk Island Pine
Scientific Name: Araucaria heterophylla
Date of Birth: February 2017
Origin: Norfolk Island
Cultivation: Prefers free draining soil in a sunny position. Drought and frost resistant.
Fast growing. Grown from seed from Norfolk Street Fremantle.

Height: 63cm
Age: 6 years
Pot: 30 x 23 x 9 cm ceramic, rectangular, pale green, glazed, Chinese.

Description: This month's Bonsai has been chosen by Liana to represent a shift in normality that can take effect any time.

I had collected the seeds in the Esplanade Park in February 2017 and planted prior to the Covid Pandemic that hit the world in 2019.

All the trees in the grouping show survival even though they will never be upright, uniform and equal.

Iíve twisted the trunks, trimmed the
canopies, added a burnt black piece of wood and planted a green ground cover to show recovery and continual life...

This unique Bonsai needs to live in a sunny, protected area and receive water regularly, although very little now in Autumn and in the coming Winter. Enjoy the artwork and feel free to trim, modify and improve the canopy as it forms.

New branches will sprout in the hot weather and needles will be growing rampant as soon as the cold season is over.

Feeding is very easy and I simply use one teaspoon of 9 month general Osmocote, then a few months later one dose of dilute power feed and in summer I apply Thrive liquid fertilizer to improve nitrogen levels for needle growth.

Your responsibility for this Bonsai will be:
1. Must live outside in a bright lit spot in hot weather, rain or storms.
2. Must be trimmed or pinched when overgrown to stop it getting pot bound.
3. Must be watered if itís dry.
4. Must be checked for scale insects and sprayed or brushed if you see any. Rare but can happen.

All Bonsai Palace Bonsai are presented with a Bonsai Birth Certificate and detailed care instructions. Also, we offer a free Ďfeed and groomí tag for each Bonsai for ongoing support within three months of purchase.


All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Shipping costs are quoted at the time of order placement and will depend on your location and preferred shipping method. 

Please note that due to Government quarantine regulations we cannot ship Bonsai and soil products outside our state of Western Australia at this time...

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