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                        chinensis (Chinese Juniper)
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Bonsai Palace Autumn Workshop - 2002

The Venue

Fremantle Sailing Club
                          - Venue for Bonsai Palace Autumn Workshop
                          2002Attended by enthusiasts of varying skill levels, the Bonsai Palace Autumn Workshop for 2002 was held in the lower garden area of the Fremantle Sailing Club on Saturday 13th of April. Although the day was rather warm, it was generally agreed that this is a very hospitable and fitting outdoor venue for future workshops (a Winter one will be held inside though!).

The Event Pictorial

General View -
                          Outdoor Lower Garden AreaGeneral view of the layout - tables in a "U" around Chief Instructor and Horticulturist, Liana.  Shadecloth overhead makes for some relief from the hot Fremantle sun.

Lots of Participation
                        and Demonstration...Busy at work - everyone was encouraged to participate in a very "hands on" session, creating their own Bonsai to take away and nurture.

Concentration -
                        Potting a BonsaiConcentration during the potting of a Bonsai Tree (now where did that soil go....?).

A Magic
                        TransformationThe practical transformation from stock trees to quality potted Bonsai of various styles was astonishing and a lot of fun to participate in...

Liana (in the middle) and our happy fellow enthusiasts with their new Bonsai creations - a job well done.  Thanks for coming along - see you at our next workshop....!

Liana and happy
                          Bonsai enthusiasts with their creations

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