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Our Weather Station - Technical Details:

For those of you who are interested in the technical details of our Weather Station, then here you are.  It consists of:

1 x Oregon Scientific WMR-200A 433MHz Cable Free (Wireless) Weather Station system comprising:
1 x Indoor Thermo-Baro-Hygrometer within the WMR-200A controller
1 x WGR800 Anemometer/wind direction indicator with Solar Cell and battery backup
1 x THGN801 Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer with Solar Cell and battery backup
1 x PCR800 Outdoor Rain Collector Gauge
1 x THGR810 Indoor Thermo-Hygrometer

An ASUS AMD Dual Core 4200+ PC with 2GB RAM, Dual 320GB hard drives (one as a C drive clone), 10MHz Ethernet LAN card and 32Mb/s NBN router running:
Windows7 Ultimate
Ambient Software Virtual Weather Station Version 15.00 p03
Cumulus Version 1.9.4 Build 1099

The system plays together quite reliably, all things considered. Both Virtual Weather Station software (an Ambient Software/LabView run-time application) and Cumulus continuously acquire, display and store internal data from the Oregon Scientific WMR-200A weather station on the same PC so that we can obtain accurate long term historical statistics and reports for our own use.  The same two software applications also update the PC's display in real time and write the panels/gauges to hard disk every 1 or 2 minutes in jpeg format.

Virtual Weather Station automatically transfers various of these jpeg format files and the .html format details file (about 100kB and the absolute minimum of our more relevant data) via a 12Mb/s permanent ADSL link to our web site every 2 minutes using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and our weather pages are written to refresh any browser left sitting on them every 5 minutes also....

The PC synchronises itself to accurate time standards via the internet and is connected to our own internal 10MHz Ethernet Local Area Network as a Server.  Any other remote device on our LAN can thereby access weather information also.  Now that's really very useful as the data is available locally where and when it is needed... 

So there you have it.

If your curiosity is still not satisfied then please contact us!  We'll be happy to answer your enquiry....

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