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PLEASE NOTE: The Markets REOPENED on Sunday 21 June 2020 and we can be found at the INFORMATION Stall. Note also that we are unable to run Workshops at this time....

Please feel free to Call or Text us on 0419 047 244 or contact us here..

To Our Valued Customers:

Our Sunday trading times are from 08:00 to 12:00 Noon when the Market is open and we are located at the:

Palmyra Western Farmers Market
Palmyra Primary School
60 McKimmie Road
Palmyra WA 6157

We can be called or Text/SMS'd on 0419 047 244 or contacted here...


Our Famous Woodcraft and Wooden Toy Products are back:
Yes, click Here to see them - after some years we are again making them as time permits...!

Happy Horsey

Happy Bubble Car

Happy Puss Cat

Dolls House

Happy Ambulance

Hobby Horse

Mini Racer

Pot Stand

Happy Train

Happy Kombi

Pot Stand



What's Hot:



PLEASE NOTE: On this page we show some of the fabulous Potted Bonsai and unique Bonsai Palace MicroBonsai which we have very recently presented and sold. We can prepare similar styles however all of our Bonsai are individual, so please use this page as a guide only for your new Bonsai...

Typically at the market we have a selection of trees starting from just $10.00 for a young Mame (Micro-Bonsai) to around $189.00 for an older, carefully styled and well established specimen. For more advanced Bonsai please contact us.  All of our Bonsai have been stabilised in their pots for many months or years and have developed a strong root structure.  Come and take a look!

All but our MicroBonsai are supplied with a personalised Bonsai Birth Certificate, along with detailed care instructions and a free "Feed & Groom" tag for after care at the Market.

You can also see our current Bonsai of the Month!

All Market outlet sales pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes 10% GST. 

  Ginseng Fig
(Ficus microcarpa)
Willow Leaf Fig
(Ficus nerifolia)

Port Jackson Fig Hybrid
(Ficus rubiginosa/macrophylla hybridized before birth)

Port Jackson Fig
(Ficus rubiginosa)
Port Jackson Fig
(Ficus rubiginosa)

Little Ruby Fig
(Ficus ericifolia)
Ginseng Fig
(Ficus microcarpa - not grafted onto rootstock)

Flowering Plum
(Prunus cerasifera)
Weeping Fig
(Ficus benjamina)
Bonin Isles Juniper
(Juniperus procumbens)

Green Island Fig
(Ficus elastica hybrid)
Natal Fig Tree
(Ficus natalensis)
Weeping Fig - Midnight Petite
(Ficus benjamina cultivar)

Climbing Fig

(Ficus pumila minima)
Chinese Juniper
(Juniperus chinensis)

Weeping Fig - Silver Princess

(Ficus benjamina variegata)

European Olive and Dwarf Ivy

(Olea europea and Hedera sp.)
  Port Jackson Fig
(Ficus rubiginosa)

Our Bonsai of the month - click here for more information


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